silence. florescence. being.

my callinG

Silencio – Guiding people back to their nature 
Not interFEARing with the flow of life. To be myself, ready for the surprises of my soul. The warmth of my heart as the North Star. Everything comes from silence and returns to it. To walk with nature and as an example reminding people who they are. Truth and life so simple that the mind cannot grasp it. Being, following my heart and devotion are my success.

 – is the basis of my values.
Honoring my own limits and the limits of all beings. I value deep relationships and stand alone, in equal measure. This is how I live clarity and call out the warrior when boundaries are crossed. But I only fight until the balance is restored.


Very effective and practical 1:1 mentoring specializing in setting boundaries to awaken the warrior. Honor yourself and remember who you are: “Wild and free!”

White magic

House cleansing from afar through clairvoyance and -sentience; liberation from clinging dark entities, curses, imprecations, evil eye; implementing love again.

art & craft

Beautiful magical items from wood and stones. Bracelets and pendants from created with the greatest care. Art that will travel with you through the story of your life.


This is my laboratory, the place where everything new begins. If you want to know what’s coming next, you’re in good hands at that place. All my discoveries are clarified and refined there.


If you like to get practical, this is the place to go. From over 20,000h of meditation and over 500 one-on-one sessions, I distill techniques that are practical and easy to implement.


A place to meet inspiring people. Through their stories you can find courage and clarity for your path. This is your place if you need more knowledge about the different waystones.

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