white magic

Two options are available:

Liberation from dark magic – like attachments of dark entities, curses, imprecations, evil eye and all kinds of dark magic.

Cleansing of your home – from afar through clairvoyance and clairsentience. 


Liberation from dark magic
Dark magic in its essence can also be considered narcissistic or sociopathic. It takes more than it gives, always with the promise of power. That is one side of it. 

The other is exploited, usually sensitive, empathic people. What both have in common is that they feel right and therefore better. Boundary violations can only happen when we have forgotten our own value. 

This opens the door for attachments to entities of all kinds and black magic practices. 

The consequences are: 
– fatigue,
– mood swings,
– apathy,
– the inability to find peace,
– depression,
– headaches,
– excessive bad luck,
– malfunctioning technical devices,
– excessive bugs. 

Many causes can also have purely physiological causes. If this is the case, first consult a doctor you trust.

Cleansing of your home
In the case of our house, we do not occupy our space, we clean it on the physical side, but for lack of perception we forget the spiritual. Any negative emotion, such as pride, anger, desire, fear, grief, apathy, guilt and shame, create a field that attracts negative entities that feed off of it and try to create circumstances that bring about more of these emotions. 

A bit like harmful fungi in our gut that make us consume more gluten or sugar even though we know of their harm. This has similar effects to those mentioned above. 

The rooms feel: 
– heavy and oppressive, 
– we can no longer relax and rest,
– there is tension in the air, 
– conflicts are quick and solutions slow.

I free the accumulated dark energy through my gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. I then wrap the house/apartment with an energetic protection that lasts for a week so that you can fill the cleared space with your energy. I also fill room after room with healing energies that are harmonious.

How it works:
Liberation from dark magic

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Send me a message over the form below and I'll get in touch with you. You can also send me a link to your FB page, Telegram or number for imessage or Signal.

Condition & offer

Tell me what your problems and conditions are. We can do it over messangers/mail or with a call. I'll take a look afterward, tell you what I perceive, whether I can do it and make you an offer.

Clearing & payment

If the price is right, we schedule a meeting so that we sit together, even if we are in different places on earth. Everything will be done without a call, but we can have one afterward if you prefer, just let me know beforehand. You send me the money via Paypal or IBAN.

How it works:
cleansing of your home

Contact me

Send me a message over the form below and I'll get in touch with you. You can also send me a link to your FB page, Telegram or number for imessage or Signal.

Pic of your home & offer

With an overview photo of your house or apartment, I will clarify the amount of work involved and make you an offer.

Plan or sketch & payment

If the price is right, send me the outline or a sketch. I'll let you know when I start. It doesn't matter whether you are at home or not. You send me the money via Paypal or IBAN.

Pavitra M.


Lighter !!
More room for play 🙌🏼
I’m literally feeling all playful and giggly. 😂
My partner noticed it felt lighter before I even asked him!
You rock 🙌🏼 🤘🏽🪨🪶🪶🪶
I want to become a regular client 😂
Omg feeels sooooooo goood in the living room !

Clee S.


My husband fell asleep on the sofa and neither of us have been as relaxed since we got here.
So good I think! Haha!
Today’s been a better day for us in general (we’ve had a tough few days emotionally). This evening both of us have felt more relaxed, less triggered. Just lighter 🥰

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