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Hi, another very practical way, and that’s the gift of human design, is acceptance. It’s not so that it teaches you a lot of new things, but things that you have already known. And the first way to get to trust yourself is to see yourself, be aware that you already know. Then acceptance comes, and at the end there is trust. And when you trust yourself, you can finally be yourself. Today I’ll tell you about myself and how it helped me to accept what I’ve already known. The first is my authority or self-projected one. I’ve always liked to talk to myself in the woods when I took a walk, when I was alone by myself.

But in the culture, they say it’s the first sign of madness, so I stopped. Through human design, I saw, I became aware that this is natural for me. Another great way is the arrows. So really look into the variables. Ardelia Lee has a great free training on it. You just need to sign up on that projector live. One error for me is kitchens dry the environment, and I have a couch in my kitchen. I’ve liked to have my self-talks, which is natural for my authority in that space, and it is very healing for me. I always like to have aloe vera.

Don’t know how to pronounce it in English. Or an elephant foot. It’s a palm-like plant. All like dry, and I always like this dry heat. Another thing that was always natural for me and which I have figured out is good for me, which human design proved, then I always like to eat in front of a YouTube video or podcast, and I have sound high, so it’s natural for me to have a high sound level while eating. Then there is the theme of the projector. I always knew that I wasn’t here to work. I just couldn’t keep up with my manifesto mother and father and my manifesting generator grandmother.

It was a relief to recognize that I’m here to organize. I always love to optimize working processes, and I always say planning saves the half of the work. My grandmother always jumped into it, and she wanted, how is it called, a pot of the plant somewhere else. It was really heavy, but then she wanted it there, and then I used to say, just tell me before where you want to have it. I went straight to planning. And it was also like when you’re recognized for your not self. So I have an open sacred, but I was always recognized for the things I do. I have an open will, so they always recognized me for my strong will. Then you know that you’re wrong. But I have never been recognized for my love, my direction, my voice by them. That would be myself.

To be aware of what is yourself and what is your not self. Are you recognized for your defined or for your undefined centers? Do you, are you recognized for your motivation? So in my case, I always took what I needed. I just learned what I needed. I opened a book and was skipping through it and just reading and taking what I need. The same with human design. But then I thought I needed to learn everything. That would mean my transference fear. It’s the video I made before, if you’re interested. And that was what human design gave me the peace of mind. Finally, my mind, my not self, funny enough, could accept what myself had already known. That I’m not here to work. That I just take what I need. That I think in probabilities.

The transference, another error, would be possibilities. Everything is possible, but just some things are probable. And I think in probabilities that I like dry heat. That I like to speak. That my voice is my gift. That my advice is the gold I have to sell. And then there are a lot of things that the Gene Keys give me, which I will talk in further videos. That’s everything for today. I hope that you are well. And that my story can help you to accept and trust yourself so that you can live yourself naturally.

Take care, bye.

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