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Hi, another great way to be successful is entering correctly. Be aware when you enter correctly or when others do enter correctly or are in transference. What I’m speaking about is motivation, that’s the right upper arrow, which when you look at it, it’s the personal sun and earth. You have a key, not a Gene Key, in Human Design it’s called a gate. So, for example the 54, and then you have the line 5 and the next number is the color. So this color in my case is 4, which is need, but I’ll go over it just that you know what I’m talking about. And there is even the tone which is the next number which gives it a flavor, but to know about it, you need special documents which are usually just given in the international human design school.

So let’s start with the first color that is fear. So fear, people with fear always want to know everything. When you’re motivated by fear, you want to know everything and you want to prepare for everything. For projectors, it’s also called the outer motivation that means every color not only fear. And you will see that playing out in your life. So when it’s correct, you are motivated by fear and when people want something from you, when they enter into your field, they ask you “Can you give me more about that.” They ask a general question, for example, and they want more information, and they want to know everything you have about it. Transference is usually three up or down. So, because there are six, when we get to four, we need to get three down. So transference of fear is need when people get into your field, and they ask you a specific question, they have a specific need that would be wrong for you. Or when you are in transference, and you start to need things, you prepare for a specific need then you’re in the not self and bitterness will be your gift.

The next color is hope. People which are motivated by hope, they yes they hope that everything will be right. And when people come into your field with the hope that it will get better with your knowledge, with your help, that’s correct. Transference of hope would be guilt. So if people want to fix things, guilt, they always try to fix because they feel guilty, that’s correct. But in your case, it’s transference. So when people come to you, and they search for something to fix, or you feel guilty that you need to do something, fix something, then that’s wrong for you and that’s the not self. And when you are aware of it, you can prevent a lot of bitterness.

The third color is desire. So that’s the perfect law of attraction motivation. When you have a desire to eat something, do something, want something, buy something, that’s the right one for you. And the same when people come with this desire to you like marketing. I had an interview with the marketing expert. She had desire. And transference would be innocence. So there is no clear goal, no they have no goal in mind when they do things, and they do not really care about anything. They want to be detached from everything. So when you recognize that in yourself that you want to get away from everything and don’t have any desire and be like this holy being, that would be the not self for you.

Now we switch to the next half which is four, which is need. That is my motivation. So you have already heard about it in the transference of fear. Now we go the opposite way. Need is when you need something specific. In my case, when I also have the arrow to the left which is master, the other one would be novice and the master just takes what it needs, what he needs. So I just learn what I need to master it. I don’t have a lot of knowledge about human design. I just have what I need to take the next step, and then it drops away. So the transference for me would be fear. So when I’m in fear, I start to learn everything. I want to teach everything, give everything, but that’s not my desire. So now we can mix it together.

Then the next one is guilt. Like I talked before, it’s the fixer. So when you get in, and you want to fix things, that’s the right way to do, and you’re motivated by it. And when people come into your field motivated by guilt that they want to fix something in their life, that’s the right way. You might have been running away from it all your life. I never wanted to be the one who just gave the people what they needed. I always wanted to have an effect, but that’s just the right way. People come to me, I have the tone of action, so they want to know what they need to do the next three steps and that’s all they want to need to know. So for you, they come in with guilt, they want to fix stuff. And the last one is innocence. So I missed it. Guilt is transference, would be hope. So when they hope that you help them, when they hope that it might get better, that would be the wrong way.

Then there is innocence. The last color and sixth color isn’t really a motivation because that’s just this, they step back, they let everything happen. It’s this childlike behavior, and that’s correct for them. They don’t care about anything, they don’t get involved in stuff and problems, and that’s their motivation.

It’s a good way to be aware when people want something from you, to see and recognize are they in the right motivation or not. When people come to me with a clear need, I have a clear answer. But when people ask me like, do you have more information about it, where can I start? That’s nothing for me. I immediately get distracted, I don’t have an answer. And if I get into it, I have enough rope to hang myself, which usually happens. And I ask questions, and then I’m the one who asks, and I’m the one who is needy because I fear that I might lose a client, and then I’m in a transference, which is fear for need. Instead, I just could say, no, that’s not my motivation, thank you. And when I have done it, it’s very good for them too. It is strong, and to say no is the boundary issue.

So you might have seen that as well. And it’s a further awareness topic. Everything I talk about is awareness. Just be aware of your not self, be aware of your motivation, be aware to enter correctly, be aware when you get annoyed or stressed, the first signs of bitterness. If you’re bitter, be aware that you’re bitter. And besides, it’s always strategy and authority. When no invitations come, how to wait correctly, nurture yourself, prime yourself, get ready to be ready for the invitations, learn to say no. It’s quite simple to be a projector, and we have the natural ability to master the system which we came here to be.

Have fun, take care, bye.

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