Honour your Projector-gifts

Hi. Own your gifts, Projector. One of the big themes that takes a long of time till we come to our success is to own and see our gifts. All our lives, they have made weaknesses out of it. Sensitivity, it’s such a great tool, we can sense beforehand when things are going to happen because we already feel it. For example, I had a contract and I knew there was something still coming, information that would have made all the work useless. And so I waited. It was very strange to just wait because you know how it is sometimes, you need the money. And then I saw the hours I haven’t worked. That was strange too. It felt like I did something wrong. I take advantage of them. But in a corporate world they still think like generators, they calculate like generators. But we do not work like generators.

So, know how you work. You are much, much more productive in the short run. So if you are in a 40-hour week, know that you do at least 30% more than the others when you work full force. And so I used to, before I became self-employed, I used to work an hour less in the morning and in the afternoon and some pauses in between. I really learned to take breaks every 15 minutes, and it was really hard when the boss could see me or other colleagues when I was just chilling there. And still I got more done than them, and they were good workers, I have to admit. The last job I was in, that was a good team. So know your productivity. You can set up automations, your drive to find ways to do things more productive, more effective. That’s not normal. And nobody will tell you, oh, you do so much because the next question would be, please give me more.

How much are you willing to give me more for the work I do more? So no boss will tell you most of the old school world. What’s the next gift? Seeing the truth, seeing what lies behind it. Just learn when to shut up, don’t speak, or if you have this need to tell them, then at least ask them if they want to hear it and respect their no. Or when they start to discuss, you can say, oh, I asked you, you said yes. And that’s the end of the discussion. And then you respect them and you stop. To see empathy, like I said before, as positive, takes time. When everyone says, has said to you, you’re so sensible, or you do not do enough, you are not a good worker because you can’t hold up with your father or mother, which is a manifesting generator, for example. Honor your desire for breaks.

That’s such a great ability to just step out and rest for 10 to 15 minutes. It’s not that we do not have energy, we just have it in bursts. So when we do things, we really get things done. I can do more in a website construction design, which I do for myself, than many, many generators, and I haven’t even studied it. And the result is much more effective, and I’m sure you do too, in the field you have chosen. Honor that you are not here to work, you’re here to guide. Really get in the depth of it that generators like to work. It’s there for everyone. There is enough for everyone. We do not need to work. They like to work, they do not like to plan. We like to plan, so we can start to honor it and to see it. It might take time till we can really live it, but at first we need to see it ourselves and see it as a strength. Honor your time of rest and playfulness, like we study and go deep into systems and that’s playing for us. Honor your capability of gathering a lot of information and digesting them, and at the end living it. Not many can do that. It’s just us, and it’s normal for us that we can handle such complex information. Then there is the organization skills.

It’s so normal to us that we can keep track of several moving things and how they interact and find the most effective way they can work together. So when you are a super-duper assistant of your boss right now, honor that and stand to it and sell it. Make money out of it. Know your worth. Someday if you do not enjoy it as much as it is your calling, you might be an assistant, you might be an organization master for great companies or do it for yourself or help others to make your life more effective. There are so many mothers out there that drown in work, and they do the generator hustle. It would be great to have someone who has lived through that and learned to organize. So honor your organization skills. There is this sensitivity that makes us the true magicians.

We can even absorb the energies of others and use it. That’s what magicians do, chameleons, in my opinion. We have a great connection to nature because we can feel nature. It’s not just a knowing. It’s really an experience. That’s why nature is so good for us and water to get all this not sell things out the energy. Honor your authority. It’s not quite special to project on us, but I feel this, the mental projectors are very decamilians. They can very adapt to every environment. Then the self projectors are the gunslingers. They are good at slogans and giving good advice.

When asked, then the emotional projectors, when they really get it, they are very calm. For me, they are the dancers with nature. When they dance with nature, there is such a great calmness to them. The splenics are really the there is just one hit, one punch guy, Muhammad Ali, maybe. You get it, or you don’t, but the splenics are very fast. Honor the calmness and silence. The nature of the undefined centers is naturally calm and silent. If you’re alone and all the not self energy has left, there is a natural calmness there. We do not need to do, so we can bring great peace to others.

Then honor your flexibility. We can turn on a dime. I’ve never seen that done with a generator, manifesting generator or even manifestors. We realize something, we implement it, and the next day we are totally different. The generators have this train like energy with a lot of mass that gets moving, and they need to move it out. They can’t just stop and turn around, but we can. That’s such a great gift. We do not need to suffer when we recognize. Recognize your leading skills or rather guiding skills. It’s more like a nudging of the energy than a general like leading, unless they call it forth from us.

Yeah, I’m sure you will find many more, but that’s enough from me for today. Bye, take care.

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