How to be a Projector?
We are Lighthouses
Human Design

-Lighthouses stand on elevated environments.
I thought that feeling I get was unnatural, even arrogant, when I felt like I was observing the problems of my clients from above. Combined with compassion, it is natural.

-Lighthouses shine brightly when it is darkest.
There are times when I rest and there are times when I’m needed, that is just the natural rhythm. If I shine when it is bright daylight, I will be ignored. Timing is everything.

-Lighthouses are built for guiding ships.
Guiding is a service to the ships. If they crash against the coast, leave my surroundings when they go out, it is not my responsibility. I just light up and trust in the ships’ ability. So trust, love and boundaries are key.

-Lighthouses are stationary.
They don’t go out looking for ships, run after them or tie ships to their walls. They have no agenda beyond shining their light.

-Lighthouses are built on special places.
When I am in the wrong environment, like on land where a lighthouse is not needed, I can shine as brightly as I want. No one will appreciate me for what I am. On the contrary, I will be weird, yet somehow pretty and people will make something else out of me.

-Lighthouses are consistent.
They know when they are needed, and then they shine…consistently.

-Lighthoues are there to be seen.
It is natural to be seen. Everyone has different hopes and dreams of coming home or going out which I am a symbol of.

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