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I don’t have time is the line we say and hear so often. The emotion of fatigue floats with it. What we say equals: “I don’t have time, but I would like to.” All the obligations we carry day in and day out are slowly pushing us down. We are searching for a way out, but the dynamic of our lives keep a strong hold on us. 

What takes the most time in your day-to-day life?

Social media/news consumes an incredible amount of time. Our phones nowadays can show you which app you used for how many hours. Scrolling down till you reach rock bottom is work too. We are what we eat, information is food too. They need to be digested. 

Perfectionism takes more time than it’s worth. The Pareto principle says that 20% of what you do generates 80% of your income, and to get the rest you have to do 80% of the work. That is perfectionism. There are many shadows that drive us to it. Striving for security, fear of rejection, the longing to be right and accepted are some of them. 

Boundaries are a big topic. We over give and undertake out of fear. We want to be liked and appreciated. So we give and give till we are bitter. We do not see our own wealth, and so does no one else. 

Postponing keeps the energy stuck. We usually do the things that keep us in the loop of our familiar lives and turn away from the actions that would change it. Out of a lack of clarity, we postpone our decisions. Out of a lack of trust, it is saver to stay where we are.

Consuming much self-help/spiritual videos but never implementing them, keep us in the comfort zone and take a lot of our time. Even when we consume them during doing something else. 

Unclarity takes time. We do inefficient things which have no effect on our lives. In the end, we do not really know what we want, and so we just do something. Something is better than nothing, at least it gets some respect from the outside world and saves us from feeling ourselves. 

Stress is unproductive. Yes, it forces us sometimes into action, when the pressure gets high enough. We usually waste energy when we are stressed. Stress is a survival mechanism, in that time creativity is not needed. Our whole brain is just focused on the immediate danger, not to solve it in the most efficient way. We start to forget things, make more mistakes, are more aggressive and force things to happen. In the end, we needed more time than if we had gone slowly and relaxed.

Every theme is a venture on its on. I’ll go into more depth in future blog-posts and YouTube Videos.  There are many upcoming things, and most will come as a gift. A podcast on building trust is in the making. The first seasons will be focused on Human Design authorities & Gene Keys and how the people, whom I’ll interview, have recalled their trust and became successful in their lives and businesses.

The first courses are in the making as well. They’ll be very practical and simple, though not easy. I’ll touch on all the themes listed above and offer solutions to each of them. If you’d like to help decide what’s next, click here. It only takes 2 minutes. Sign up below for my newsletter – The easiest way to stay up to date.

But I don’t want to leave you hanging in the air like that. A practical step you can take right now is: Set up a timer every 2 hours on your phone. When it rings, stop what you’re doing and take 3 deep breaths.” This was a life changer for me. It is funny how life works. When we take more breaks, we have more time, inspirations and clarity emerge. We see the big picture again and our life changes with every deep breath we take.

I appreciate your time! Thank you for being here.

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