Relaxation requires a fixed point. Every hurricane has a resting eye, every dancer a stable center. In what do you put your trust? What can no one take away from you and seems eternal? In what do you trust so much that you can momentarily let go of all control?

Loss of control
Those who want to control everything control nothing. Today it is like this and tomorrow it is completely different. Security is ultimately an illusion. Face this fear. Breathe it into your whole body and let it go when you exhale.


The ability to respond to life! Do you take responsibility for your actions & life’s response to them? Or rather for others & their lives to avoid yours? 

No one carries a torch through a crowd without singeing someone’s beard. Do you fear being accused, do you live your life according to your values? Anger & rejection are feared reactions. Feel those feelings inside you. Roar alone in the car! Box into a cushion. Write down your angry words.

Clear boundaries
Clear boundaries create mutual respect. Respect gives birth to trust & love. Deception creates disappointment & uncertainty. Both suffer to attain desired. True friends respect boundaries, appreciate clarity.

Being abandoned
Are you afraid of being rejected and abandoned? Like when you were a child, when you kept playing? To be denied your wishes, to reject what is demanded of you? Now you master your life on your own, fulfill your dreams yourself. Start saying “no” in small ways. Become aware of your abilities.

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