projector bitterness | how to deal with it!

First of all, what is bitterness? It is a feeling of resentment, anger, and unfulfilled expectations, which lead to a victim mentality and a lot of anger. The person usually doesn’t even recognize that he or she is bitter.

So as a projector, we either attract or we repel.

And this waiting, which I will explain in another video, is somewhat misleading because success means alignment and bitterness is like we repel.

And so when we just wait, and we are bitter, and we wait in this bitterness, no invitations come. So, how to get rid of bitterness?

The most effective way is to just accept it. Awareness is key.

In my example, I blamed the society and the generator world for my victimhood, for my situation, that I couldn’t be free, that I couldn’t live my life, that everyone is so rough, and I’m so sensible, and I’m so honorable and everyone is so disrespectful.

This was the story I told. And I had a lot of anger against a lot of people, which I wasn’t aware of. I needed to pay $1,000 for an online training to recognize my own anger and bitterness against people.

When there is bitterness or anger or resentment, we just breathe it in. We breathe it in, fill our whole body with this bitterness. And when we breathe out, we let it take the space it needs in our body. Usually it just takes a few minutes till it leaves.

There is nothing to understand or change at the moment. It’s just awareness. Now it already is, it is created.

So if you like, let’s do it together: Breathe in, breathe the bitterness in. Hold a few seconds. Fill the whole body when you breathe in and then breathe out, let it go. Just let it take the space it wants to occupy. Breathe the bitterness in. Fill the whole body. Breathe out and let it take its space. Breathe the anger in. Breathe out and let it take its space. Breathe in that they have taken advantage of you, of your wisdom. Breathe out and let it take its space.

The next part is to prevent bitterness from happening. So catch it early. The first signs of bitterness are, resentment is already too late, annoyance, stress.

So when you feel stressful, you can get immediately aware. If you feel annoyance, when you start complaining, it’s almost too late. So I back off when there is annoyance. Usually bitterness comes from boundaries which weren’t respected or which were overstepped.

So we are usually not aware of our limits. We do not execute them. We have a problem, or it’s difficult for us projectors to say no. Inherently in the not self, from the open sacral, not knowing when enough is enough, we have a boundary issue.

And we are always focused on the other. So we realize too late when we have absorbed or given, over given. It’s always important to back off, to keep the distance.

We are the trainers which stand on the sidelines of the field, not in the field. We do not play with them even when they want us to. We always need to keep the overview.

So be aware of your limits, how much do you want to give, enter correctly. What is your motivation in human design? What is your strategy? What is your authority?

If you have one of the fast authorities like splenic or self projected, then you can do it very fast. You can say, oh, give me a second. And then you go into your mind and say, do I do this or do I do that?

Splenic will be even faster or ego projected. But if you are emotionally defined or mental, it’s always, “I’ll come back to you. Give me time.” You need time for this decision.

And that’s where the most bitterness comes from. Most resentment, most bad feelings, this, it never works for me. It’s not right. It’s always wrong. People do not respect it. They overstep, they take too much. They do not recognize me. They do not see me.

It’s always a matter of boundaries, but that will be in the next video.

Take care, bye.

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