Release of my new podcast florescence

Today I finally can anounce the release of my new Podcast. The Florescence Podcast is all about thriving. Essentially we need trust to take the leap into our new life. The Human Design Authority and Gene Keys deliver it in great detail.

I interview successful people around the earth about their Human Design Authority, Gene Keys and how they utilize it in their life and business. There is nothing better than a good success story. Listen, spread your wings and fly.

The show is available on all major platforms, zencastr and Youtube. Just click the Youtube button below.

Today we have Rachel Bandara, a 5/1 splenic projector, as our honored guest. We talk about business and how she utilizes her authority to take aligned actions. 

Her sweet spot is the ferrywoman of the underworld. When you are deep in the shadow and ready for deep transformation, give here a call.

Best way to contact Rachel:

Today Dannielle Arceneaux, a 5/1 emotional projector, is our honored guest. She is a Body Wisdom & Human Design Coach and her Slogan is: Sound Body. Sound Mind. Sound Life.If you read her offerings, you’ll relax from that alone. Listen to that one: Nourishing Warm Hair and Scalp Treatment Comforting Warm Stone Relaxation Massage Integrative Bodywork & Body Wisdom Coaching not to forgett about her Human Design work.We can already see her emotional authority, that nudges us to feel and not ponder numbers.

Best way to contact Dannielle:

Therese Jagersberger has been exploring Human Design for over 18 years (since 2004) and was one of the first to study with Ra Uru Hu in Ibiza. She is a 5/1 selfprojected Projector and a certified IHDS reader. 

Lately her focus is on “Living your design” because we need to deconditon before we can truly hear our authority.

Best way to contact Therese:

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