Self Projected Authority | How to rock it

This goes to the Self-projected projectors, the ones with the many words and the golden self, the ones who hit harder with their words than most martial artists and then are astounded by what they said. The widely known is, we have to speak it and listen to ourselves to know what is true and what not. Some need to listen to a recording and some just hear it immediately. The self shows itself in the tone, the timbre, the depth of our voice.

Sometimes we amaze ourselves by what we say. I was working 1:1 for years, and one time I told my best friend that it only brought me misery. I was astounded by what I had said because it was true, I could hear and feel in my heart and throat.

That is the next sensation we should listen too, the warmth around the middle of our sternum and if our throat feels open or tight. The self-projected authority is like a butterfly that lands on your shoulder, but then it becomes rock solid. Sometimes it takes a long time until we know what we want, and then suddenly we are so sure that nothing anybody says rocks us. That is something that our friends need to get used too. It takes some time to hear it ourselves because most other authorities are stronger, can overwrite our sensations.

We love love love to talk and need it. When so much is going on, and we’re digging into new systems, knowledge and experiences we need to speak it so that we can organise it, know what is true and integrate it. It is so useful to have a friend which knows that she/he just needs to listen to us and at the same time they are not always available. We might find it useful to leave a voice-mail, speak to our spirit guides, or just pretend we are speaking to our friend. Journaling is also very useful, both lead to incredible deep insides.

We are often envied for our way to speak and the language we use. For us, it is recommended to speak less with people outside our close circle because of the effect we have on others. The first other self-projected projector, also a 5/1, I spoke to, left me speechless after a few sentences. When we go on it overloads the other person and our profound knowledge, the gold we have to give, just withers away.

Also, we are not so dependent on invitations, that means we can invite ourselves through the desire of our self. Still, there is a need for it and full recognition when we want to coach or guide other people.

Alignment first is key. The people around us can intuitively hear it, when we are not speaking out of our-self. It is even more important than for other projector types. Or rather, it gets very annoying to them if we go on and on when we’ve such a need to release the pressure inside of us.

Self talks are natural too, many of us used to speak to themselves when we were young. But society says that self talk is the first sign of madness, and so we might have stopped someday. Just seeing the views people give us when we start to talk to ourselves on the train station shuts us up fast. Today, we can put in ear-phones and pretend we’re speaking to a friend.

We are very consistent until we are not. The self has its own direction and desires. The moment they are accomplished, we make a 180° turn and everyone is amazed. We simply follow our inner north, which often leads us to unexpected places. This is the joy we should follow at all times and costs.

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