"Waiting" what do you mean?

Hi, about waiting. It’s one of these words where we do not understand really what it means, or we misunderstand. So when we are bitter, and we are aggressive against a lot of people, we do not really realize that we are aggressive, that we’re in this victim mentality. Then we reject everyone. Generators are used to stability and our energy spikes. We are there for maybe an hour or two hours or a day when we are high on the energy. We give it all away, or it is taken away from us because we are not aware of our limits. And then we drop. We become bitter, aggressive, and we reject.

Nobody invites us, nobody sees us. And then they say projectors need to wait. But if we wait in that bitterness, we could wait forever. So they missed saying that we need to get aligned. And their playfulness comes in. They also say we should play when we are not invited, when the universe gives us a break. Sends us to the sideline and says, you do not play because you are bad at the moment, bitter. So waiting should be interchanged with playfulness. But what is playfulness?

It is said that playing is doing without a goal. Now find something. Everything is with a goal. Even these generators like the competition. They feel alive when they struggle their way to victory. So every game we see or what we consider as a game is competition. I started with chess, competition, all this ego stuff. It is not for me. I just want to have fun. So I would even say playfulness means creativity, painting, creating art, doing, how is it called, knotting, macramé, going for a walk, meditation, swimming for fun, playing with animals, petting them, or even studying, but not for a goal, but just as long as it fulfills our projector nature.

They also say get good at things when the universe gives you a break. But then also there are rules and limitations usually made by manifestos and generators, and the way you need to study is made for generators, this steady learning over five years. It’s much more natural for us to dive in deep for three months, and then we are set to teach.

So when you wait, nothing changes as long as you do not figure out what nurtures you. So maybe even playfulness is too far off because it’s too deluded with the generator aspect. Maybe nurturing would be the best word. Find out what nurtures you. What do you consume when you look drama stories on Netflix? Mostly it’s aggression, anger, fear, shame. That’s nothing that nurtures us. Or do you like little yoga, or do you have motor centers defined so that you need a little more action to get the steam rolling and out?

And then there is structure. So find a rhythm that you like. I have three arrows to the left, so the more to the left, the more structured you like it. But that doesn’t mean that you have no structure when you have a lot of arrows to the right. That just means that there is maybe one hour per day around in the morning and in the evening, but there is no fixed time. It’s just this is an hour somewhere, and I will do something that nurtures me. So very vague, but there is some structure.

That’s everything. Take care. Bye.

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